Anchovies are a species of fish catchable in the AquariCraft mod.  They are First Tier fish and can be caught utilizing any of the available Fishing Rods. Catching an anchovy yields one Raw Anchovy, which can be cooked in a furnace to obtain one Cooked Anchovy.


Anchovies are one of the smallest fish in the mod, and are silver in appearance.  More to come later...


As mentioned earlier, reeling in an Anchovy will yield a single Raw Anchovy which may be consumed like other raw meats to restore 0.5 Hunger with a chance of adding the "Hunger" debuff.  Raw Anchovies may also be cooked in a furnace to achieve one Cooked Anchovy which can also be consumed, replenishing one full unit of Hunger.


More information to come.


Catching an Anchovy counts towards the "Oh Tier!" and "Achieving Achievement" achievements. It's also involved in earning the "The King of Tilapia" and "The Emperor of Tilapia" achievements, as it's a catchable fish and needed to meet the requirements of both.


More information to come.

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