Plaice are a species of fish catchable in the AquariCraft mod.  They are a Fifth Tier fish and can be caught utilizing the Diamond and Emerald Rods.  Catching a Plaice will yield one Raw Plaice, which may be cooked in a furnace to obtain one Cooked Plaice.


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As mentioned earlier, reeling in a Plaice will yield a single Raw Plaice which may be consumed like other raw meats to restore 0.5 Hunger with a chance of adding the "Hunger" debuff.  Raw Plaice may also be cooked in a furnace to achieve one Cooked Plaice which can also be consumed, replenishing three units of Hunger.


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Catching a Plaice counts towards the "Return of the Fifth" and "Achieving Achievement" achievements. It's also involved in earning the "The King of Tilapia" and "The Emperor of Tilapia" achievements, as it's a catchable fish and needed to meet the requirements of both.


More information to come.

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